Ice Cream

Our team keeps the ice cream flavors varied, delicious, and constantly changing – as each of the dozen flavors are made on-site daily. The small-batch egg custard base provides a rich, full-bodied slate for a host of elevated flavors. Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream utilizes whole strawberries roasted with maple syrup and butter for a more concentrated strawberry flavor that can be tasted in the dense, chewy strawberry chunks throughout the ice cream. Locally sourced fruit, such as apricots and cherries, will be similarly roasted and churned, as the season allows. Coffee Ice Cream gets its deep flavor from custard steeped with La Colombe coffee beans, which is then swirled with an espresso paste made with coffee extract, and espresso power. These complex ice creams can come in a homemade waffle cone, a sugar cone, or one of the brightly colored cones from NYC’s The Konery, in flavors like red velvet and salted blue corn.


One of the beauties of Bonheur is that it is year-round – so when your cravings for icy summer treats subside, our homemade seasonal pies fall right into place. A rotating selection of four seasonal pies is offered daily, with fresh berries in the summer; Maple Walnut and Pecan around the holidays – each flavor has a flaky, buttery handmade crust and its own unique, multi-step process. Apple Streusel uses both sweet and tart apples (twelve per pie!) which are sliced and tossed with sugar and cinnamon, and left to macerate overnight. A summer favorite, the Lemon Meringue topped with torched Italian meringue, was inspired by a lemon bar that Pastry Chef May spent two years perfecting. The addition of savory pies – think tomato with goat cheese in the Summer and rich, hearty mushroom or spargel in the Fall - will round off our seasonal pie offerings.


Design & Inspiration

The name really says it all – French for “happiness” and the middle-name of legendary designer Coco Chanel – Bonheur exudes happiness and beauty. The fanciful ambiance features a modern mix of elements drawn from the high fashion of the 1930s, along with more playful touches of the 1960s. “Ice cream is a timeless guilty pleasure,” said Paul Prager, Proprietor of Bonheur and Principal of Bluepoint Hospitality Group. “We wanted to capture that sentiment and take visitors on a sensory journey that brings the past to present, but with elegance and refinement.” The Chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper - hand-painted by Gracie Studios - instantly captivates guests and fits seamlessly with the theme at Bonheur that everything is done by hand. Whimsical accents can be found throughout – like the Italian-made, pleated sunset-gold lampshades with copper detailing that hover over the ice cream counter, artfully resembling custom-designed couture dresses. A welcoming sense of humor is accentuated on the bathroom walls with pink elephants for the ladies and baby blue elephants for the gentleman.